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Who We Are

The North Loop Neighborhood Association is a proactive, community based non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life for all those within our boundaries.  The neighborhood is centered around North Loop Boulevard, and is bounded by 51st Street, Lamar Boulevard, Airport Boulevard, and Koenig Lane. There are approximately 1,400 households in the neighborhood. There is also a thriving local business and restaurant scene in the area on North Loop Boulevard, Airport Boulevard, and Lamar Boulevard.

What We Do

The NLNA represents and serves all residents, land-owners, and businesses within the bounds of Koenig, 51st Street, Airport Blvd., and Lamar. The NLNA serves the needs of residents and business owners in this area in a variety of ways.

Most importantly, we develop a sense of community. Through monthly meetings, group activities, and social gatherings, we give neighbors an opportunity to meet often and get to know each other.

The NLNA stays active in defending and protecting our historical neighborhood. Our neighborhood is a precious jewel with a rich history.

We can help with conflict resolution involving difficult neighbors. If you have concerns about noisy neighbors, loose pets or animals (other than the protected neighborhood guinea hens), trash and litter, or other issues with neighbors, bring them to the NLNA. We will work with you and authorities to resolve conflicts to everyone's benefit. We will be very discreet, and if you wish, we will protect your anonymity.

We are in communication with the city about traffic and road developments in our neighborhood. If you have concerns about traffic or roads, we need to hear from you.

We also represent the interests of our neighborhood with developers who are building new homes and apartments in our neighborhood, and ensure that development is consistent with the goals outlined in the North Loop Neighborhood Plan, which was adopted by the Austin City Council on May 23, 2002. Members of the NLNA participated on the North Loop Neighborhood Planning Team (NLNPT) in the development of the official neighborhood plan. If you have questions about zoning or our vision for future development, we can put you in touch with the NLNPT.

The NLNA has a close relationship with APD Officer A.J. Rodriguez , the liaison officer in charge of our neighborhood. He can be reached at (512) 974-4527 or armando.rodriguez@ci.austin.tx.us. He attends our meetings and listens to the concerns of NLNA members. In addition, the NLNA has an active Neighborhood Watch program.

The NLNA maintains a public green spaceBruning Green. We encourage you to enjoy our green space located at the corners of Evans and Bruning. Other neighborhood green space projects may develop in the future.

We have a history of success addressing problems and eliminating sources of serious crime in our neighborhood and support the Neighborhood Watch in our area. The weight and authority of a neighborhood association can accomplish so much more than lone individuals. We are in communication with other neighborhood associations and Austin city officials, and we are striving to better address the needs of our fellow neighbors.

We hope you will consider joining us -- everyone is welcome to attend our monthly meetings on the first Monday of every month. To be a voting member who has a voice in making NLNA decisions, you need only pay dues of $5.00 per year.

Please feel free to just drop in and attend a meeting -- even if you don't want to join NLNA, please come by and meet some of your neighbors. A calendar of meeting dates is available here.

If you want to contact the NLNA, you can do so here.

We hope to see you soon.