Bruning Green

The triangle at Bruning, Evans and 52 is now officially named Bruning Green, having been developed by the NLNA and the North Loop Planning Team.  The Green now has a pathway, made from decomposed granite and steel edging. The big feature is the limestone block seating walls along the path.

Much thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this possible by donating time, equipment, tools, labor and or food and moral support. In the days to come there will be a list of all the heros who helped out. If you see them, offer a thank you or better yet, buy them a coffee at flightpath and wander back to the green and discuss the advantages of a urban greenspace in the hood. It's just what the green is for.

Contact Cindy Black (Keeper of the Green) for more information about Bruning Green.

See photos of the evolution of Bruning Green.

Also, check out Bobby's photos from the creation of the Green.

The Northloop Planning Team (NLNPT)

The North Loop Neighborhood Planning Team (NLNPT) is a neighborhood planning advisory group founded by the City of Austin to make recommendations on proposed changes to the city-approved North Loop Neighborhood Plan. Additionally, the NLNPT is tasked with tracking ongoing implementation of the action items in the North Loop Plan.  For more information, contact the webmaster.

Regularly scheduled meetings occur three to four times a year at Ridgetop Baptist Church at 708 East 51st Street.

Anyone who lives, owns property, rents property or operates a business within the boundaries of the neighborhood planning area (Northfield and Ridgetop neighborhoods) is eligible to be a member of the NLNPT.  You only need to attend two meetings in a 12-month period to become a voting member of the planning team.